Thursday, May 19, 2011


Here are a few pictures of the "PROJECTS" my Mom and I did while she was here....

(Before) (After)

My mom and I were very busy when she came out here!! Which if anyone knows us we always have a project going on when she is here. Heres a couple pictures of just 2 of the 20 million things we did while she was here. Its so fun when she comes and we wish she lived closer! This pictures is of an old chair we got and my mom redid it. Its in our bedroom and matches perfect I LOVE this chair!!!
The other picture is of a coffee table I redid. I'm mad I didn't take a before picture but it was white on the bottom, white on top with a painted brown square in the middle of it. It turned out so cute!!
Love you mom and miss you lots!


Jayne Pierson said...

That coffee table and chair turned out so cute! I love the green in your living room, especially the accents on those pillows! Looks like the kids had fun with Grandma :) We love and miss you guys!

Rae Lynn said...

We did do a lot and I love the table that you redid. There is one in the Pottery Barn catalog that looks just like it!!! :) I miss you all....time is always too short!!!! Love you tons! <3

Design_Glue_Glitter said...

Well, I must give a HUGE applause to you and your mother. This is amazing. I do small DIY projects, NOTHING LIKE THIS. But this is amazing, really. I like that table in particular!